V-CUBE 8 (8X8)
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V-CUBE 8 (8X8)

V Cube

V-CUBE 8 (8X8)

Think Big! For XXL minds only!

Think Big!
For XXL minds only!
The V-CUBE 8 brings the daring player a step closer to the ultimate challenge! If the challenge is never enough for you the big 8 is the way to go.

The V-CUBE 8 is a uniquely designed and constructed skill game.
It is a multi-colored, 8-layered cube that rotates smoothly on based axes.
This XXL size cube offers exceptional rotational performance in a combination of a prestigious reputation as one of the world's ultimate cube solving challenges.

V-CUBE 8 has 3.52*10211 possible permutations and weighs 425g!

It consists of 324 small -cubies and a solid-cross for supporting their independent rotation on based axes.

4.5/ 5 difficulty level.

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