We’ve been the preferred supplier of the best toys in New Zealand and Australia since 1991. Based in North Shore, we’ve always been a family business and started out with the husband and wife team of Mark and Heidi Heyman—with a little help from their then school-aged boys.

Our product line covers a wide range of interests and toy types including:

  • Family games and puzzles
  • Science activity boxes
  • Environmentally friendly, ‘classic’ wooden toys
  • Blocks for construction play
  • Special needs toys
  • Stuffed toys and dolls
  • And so much more!

We’re always on the lookout for great new products to add to this growing line. If you don’t find a product you like, reach out to us.

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When kids are glued to tiny screens, they aren’t interacting with the real world or learning new social skills!

Studies have found that toys help shape healthy creativity that translates to problem-solving skills. They also teach our children how to socialize well with others. Research has also found that toys contribute to developing motor coordination and spatial reasoning skills that are just as important.

By encouraging children to swap out their smartphones for physical toys, you encourage healthier and happier children in the long term!

We commit to sustainability.

Safeguarding the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and Logical Toys takes its commitment to sustainability very seriously. We’ve partnered with some amazing toy brands whose commitment to sustainability matches our own.

It’s really all about the kids. We need to preserve and protect their futures today. So, when you play with Logical Toys, you do so guilt-free and help push for a cleaner, greener, more sustainable growth.

Clementoni’s Play for Future Many of their pr

Many of their products that we also carry are made from recycled materials to minimise the waste that goes into landfills.


Apart from using eco-friendly materials, Tikiri makes sure that their toy production line is ethically sustainable.

Blue Orange Games’ Playing to Preserve Our Planet

All of BOG’s many bestselling board games are made from natural and recycled materials—including their packaging. They even plant two trees for every one that they use.


Their toys are all made from recycled materials and avoid the use of harmful plastics. Even their packaging uses recycled paper and non-toxic inks in their creation.

Fiesta Crafts

They host a range of toys made from organic or recycled materials with the aim to reduce landfill waste.

These and many more ensure that the toys we sell don’t cause harm in any way, rather they bring out only the best in our kids and for the environment.

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