Snow Pets 3 Pack, Series 2
Snow Pets 3 Pack, Series 2
Snow Pets 3 Pack, Series 2
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Snow Pets 3 Pack, Series 2

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Snow Pets 3 Pack, Series 2
Which Snow Pet will you get here? As this is Snow Pets Series 2, there are a whole bunch of cute new Snow Pets for children to add to their collection or even start their collection with. There are eight very cute characters to collect including, Oshiana the Whale, Poppy the Polar Bear cub, Sadie the Seal, Clancy the Reindeer, and more. The eight characters are awesome, but children also have a chance to find a very rare ice coloured Snow Pet of which there are eight to collect too! What makes the Snow Pets so much more fun than other surprise toys is that your child gets to fill the egg with water. The snow will slowly disappear and then their new little buddy will be revealed. Each Snow Pet can be displayed, played with, or placed on a pencil! Snow Pets are an adorable and affordable way for a child to have some fun and start a new and exciting collection. There are eight Snow Pets to collect, but there are also special glitter versions of each character hiding as well! Suitable for ages 3 and up Key Features 8 awesome little Snow Pets to collect Each pack features one Snow Pet and a magically melting snowball Very affordable Snow Pets can be used as a pencil topper They are cute and adorable!
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