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Tangrams is a centuries old Chinese puzzle and art form where you combine various shapes to create new, more complex shapes. In this set, you get TWO sets of shapes to create even MORE complex designs! The rules are simple, but the puzzles will definitely have you asking over and over again, "how? How? HOW?"
Printed on each page of the riddle booklet is the silhouette of a complex shape.
Your job is to use all of the included Tangrams - That's right. ALL! - and fit them together to perfectly recreate the silhouetted shape. Spin, flip, and connect as you think hard and visualize all the possibilities - With more than one solution for each puzzle, your brain will be spinning in a cyclone of shapes! Got the first one done? Good! Only ninety-nine more to go.

They say exercise is the key to staying fit. Give your brain the ultimate workout with the Noggin Workshop Double Tangrams set.

Noggin Workshop Double Tangrams
• Double set of tangram shapes for recreating silhouette puzzles
• Encourages fine motor skills, visualization skills, logic, creativity
• Kids and adults alike love connecting the shapes to solve the puzzles
• Double the tangrams - Double the fun!
• All puzzles require ALL tangram pieces
• Each puzzle may have more than one solution
• Includes 100 puzzles to solve
• Includes riddle booklet, 2 sets of Tangrams (14 total pieces)
• Detailed instructions included
• Packaged in strong, reusable box
• Durable construction for lasting enjoyment
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