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V-CUBE 6 (6X6)
V-CUBE 6 (6X6)
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V-CUBE 6 (6X6)

V Cube

V-CUBE 6 (6X6)

Meet the challenge to solve this unique V-CUBE 6.
V-CUBE 6 'Six coloured'

V-CUBE 6 is the 6x6x6 version of the V-CUBE family and is derived from the original V-CUBE 7! Both of them have the same revolutionary V-CUBE mechanism & internal pieces!

It requires attention, strong effort and serious strategic thinking, but it will reward you with constant joy & satisfaction!

The V-CUBE 6 is a uniquely designed and constructed skill game. It is a multi-colored, six-layered cube, rotating smoothly on based axes. The player is required to discover a strategy to achieve uniform colored sides on her/ his V-CUBE 6. The cube consists of 218 small pieces - called cubies - and the solid-cross that supports them, enabling them to rotate independently on based axes.

The possible number of permutations of the V-CUBE 6 is 1.57*10^116 !

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