Logical Toys are about taking your kids back to a time when imagination and creativity ruled. Play was more interpersonal, interactive, and no less fun!

Meaningful Toys, Meaningful Play

As exciting as the digital revolution has been, it seems to have taken a lot away from the wonder and imagination of play. With entertainment on-demand and simplified, kids lose out on the opportunity to build their own amazing worlds and uncover new fascinations.

Logical Toys was built to offer kids and their parents a range of amazing toys and games that bring things back to a time when play was an exploration and an adventure in imagination. Our toys aid in cognitive development of your child, encourage their creativity, and are environmentally friendly too!

Aid cognitive development

Sustainable & environmentally friendly

Fast & easy delivery

world-class educational brands


Technology has put a world of education and information into the hands of our kids, but we feel that it’s lacking the essential development that comes with physical play and interacting with others. Many, many studies have shown that physical toys play a part in developing essential skills like problem-solving, creativity, and dexterity. These same studies even show that playing with other develops core social skills.

Logical Toys let your kids develop a strong sense of imaginativeness that will serve them well when they’re older. Our products will also help foster a spirit of curiosity and exploration that will only lead to lifelong learning and fascination with the world around them.

Many of our toys come from manufacturers that utilise earth-friendly materials and follow environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. These are clearly marked out in their individual descriptions. Now, where a toy or game isn’t strictly advertised as being made from sustainable materials, they’re going to be very durable and last through many generations!

We ship your toys out as soon as you confirm your order! It might take longer if you live in more rural areas of New Zealand, but we try to make sure you have them within 24-48 hours.

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